Laos is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country that many travelers to Southeast Asia skip on their tour of the region. Here are 20 photos to inspire you to visit Laos on your next trip!
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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Laos

Laos is the hidden gem of Southeast Asia, often skipped over on the backpacker trail and certainly overlooked by the average tourist, but the country so much to offer. With stunning landscapes, friendly people and delicious food, Laos quickly became one of my favorite countries! Here are 20 photos to inspire you to visit Laos on your next vacation:Continue reading

7 Reasons to Learn to Scuba Dive | Scuba diving can be an incredible adventure! Here are just some of the many reasons to try it |

7 Reasons You Should Learn to Scuba Dive

While in Thailand, I came as close to achieving my life long dream of becoming a mermaid as I will probably ever get — I got PADI certified and learned to scuba dive! Scuba diving is probably the coolest thing I have ever and will ever do. It’s also a badass sport in general! I mean you breath underwater (basically a super power!) and swim next to sharks. Hopefully, I can convince you to join me under the sea! These are just some of the reasons to learn to scuba dive.Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Study Abroad|

10 Reasons You Should DEFINITELY Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and create incredible memories. I loved every minute of my semester abroad in Florence, and still talk about it any chance I get. Many students end up not going because they’re nervous to leave home or afraid they’ll miss too much while they’re gone but those fears are usually unwarranted. My semester abroad is what led me to live a life full of travel and I urge anyone who is on the fence to take the leap and study abroad.Continue reading