Taking a self-guided walking tour of the Dublin Doors is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Dublin city. Check out this post for all the info you need!
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Dublin Doors: A Photo Diary

I have a confession to make —  I’m addicted to taking pictures of beautiful doorways. Ask my boyfriend, who has followed me around various cities on the hunt for the prettiest door or arch, and he will tell you that I have an obsession with finding the perfect door shot. Thankfully, Dublin with it’s endless cozy cafes and beautiful architecture has something for everyone, even the door obsessed. Rather than convince you with words, I figured I would share my favorite photos of the Dublin doors.Continue reading

White Temple in Chiang Rai,Thailand |
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The White Temple, Chiang Rai

Only a few weeks into our Southeast Asia adventure and I was already pretty “templed out.” After spending days wandering temples in Bangkok & Chiang Mai, I figured I would be happy to never see another temple until Angkor Wat. This all changed when we arrived at the White Temple in Chiang Rai.Continue reading