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We’re Kassie & Joe, just you’re everyday ordinary couple that’s about to embark on an extraordinary adventure. We’ve dreamed of traveling the world together and one day we realized if we didn’t start making our dreams happen they would pass us by. So we booked a one way ticket across the globe.

As Lewis Carrol said, we only regret the chances we didn’t take and we knew that we didn’t want to look back some day and wonder “what if” so we did everything we could to make our dreams happen.

In the months leading up to our departure we changed our habits to save money– we stopped going out for dinner, we sold all of our furniture on craigslist and we only bought new clothing when it was absolutely necessary (the last one was hard for Kassie). We also both worked second jobs on top of our 9-5s in order to pad our savings, but we knew that all that caddying and pizza-serving would be worth it when we are able to lounge on the beach in Bali. Lastly, our parents were kind enough to let us move home for the two months in between breaking our lease and our departure (thanks mom & dad!).

Instead of going out on dates, we spent nights in scouring travel blogs and watching hundreds of YouTube videos, trying to decide where our adventure will take us. We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to see the world, and we can’t wait to make the best of it.

Our bags are packed, our boarding passes are printed and we’re counting down the days until we leave!

Where We Are Going

Joe wanted to start the trip by exploring his cultural roots in Ireland. We start off with 10 days exploring Dublin and Galway with stops in the Aran Islands and Cork to visit family and friends. We’re looking forward to 10 days filled with plenty of craic!

Ireland Backpacking Route- theflyawaylife.com

Next we head to South East Asia, a region neither of us have ever explored before. We start our SEA adventure in Bangkok before heading up to Chiang Mai to celebrate Loy Krathong. After that, we have a rough guideline of what we want to see in the region, but no definitive plans. We have hopes to scuba beautiful reefs, play with elephants and tigers, trek through jungles and gorge ourselves on endless pad thai and mango sticky rice.


Mostly we’re just excited to experience these new cultures together!

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