We’re a bit behind on posts due to the spotty wifi in Cambodia & Vietnam. But we have content that we’ve been working on that we will roll out as we get enough wifi to do so. In the meantime, here is our month 1 recap!

It’s hard to believe that we have been on the road for over 1 month now! November took us to two different continents, 3 countries and countless new cities and experiences. This constant movement is new for both of us and we’ve quickly realized that we prefer to move slowly and really get a feel for a country, rather than try and cram in as much as possible.

After a month, we feel we’ve gotten the constant travel thing down. It still takes us 30+ minutes to pack up our bags and the language barrier is still difficult, but we’ve gotten better at going with the flow.

We much prefer our system here in SEA of picking destinations on the fly– usually based on a random tip or where our friends are going. We don’t usually have a timetable of when we need to be where so we just leave when we’re ready as it is easy to book same day transportation. Traveling¬†like this has given us the opportunity to see some amazing things and meet many wonderful people!

Month 1 Recap- The Fly Away Life

Where We Went in Month 1:

2 days in Galway | Ireland
1 day on the Aran Islands | Ireland
3 days in Cork | Ireland
4 days in Dublin | Ireland
5 days in Bangkok | Thailand
5 Days in Pai | Thailand
6 Days in Chiang Mai | Thailand
2 Days on Slow Boat | Mekong River- Thailand/Laos

Month 1 Recap- The Fly Away Life

Favorite destination:

Pai, Thailand– Pai was amazing. After almost 3 weeks of cities, the small rural town nestled in the mountains was just what we needed. It was the first destination we visited that we felt we could come back to again and a