Guys, packing light is hard!

Seriously, packing was one of the more difficult things we had to do before we left. Since we are traveling between different climates or different seasons, packing more is the natural instinct. However, everything needs to fit in our backpacks, which are only about 60L.

Everyone says to pack in under 40L, but to us that seemed like way too small. We both bought various sized packing cubes to save space in our packs,leaving us plenty of room for souvenirs and gifts.

We will definitely add and subtract certain belongings as we get deeper into our adventure, but here is rough outline of what we are bringing.

What’s in Kassie’s bag-

Kassies Backpack

Kassie’s packing list-

1 REI Grand Tour Backpack 60L with detachable 20L daypack
4 Tanks
4 t-shirts
1 3/4 shirt
2 long sleeves (will most likely toss one after Ireland)
1 sweatshirt
1 coat (to be tossed after Ireland)
1 rain jacket
2 bathing suits & cover up
4 pairs of shorts- 1 jean, 1 athletic, 1 pajama/casual, 1 dressier pair
1 pair of cropped athletic pants
1 pair of leggings
1 pair of jeans (to be tossed after Ireland)
2 dresses- one short & one long
2 skirts- one short & one long
6 pairs of underwear
6 pairs of socks
3 bras
2 sports bras
1 romper
1 sports sandal
1 pair of Havaiana flip flops
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of TOMs
Toiletries & make up

What’s in Joe’s bag-

What to Pack for Backpacking

5 underwear
6 socks
1 hat
6 tshirts
1 polo
1 dress pant
1 sweatpant
1 gym short
1 running short
1 pair of jeans (to be tossed after Ireland)
2 bathing suit
2 microfiber short
1 light-weight sweatshirt
1 heavy sweatshirt (to be tossed after Ireland)
2 pair sneakers
1 pair of sports sandals
1 pair of flip flops
Toiletry case

Our Electronics-

What to pack for Backpacking
GoPro & case
GoPro accessory case & extra batteries
Sony a500 and case
2 extra memory cards
1 selfie stick
Mac book air & charger
Chromebook & charger
2 iPhones & chargers
2 Travel adapters


first aid/ medical kit- medications, band aids & wound care
2 Travel locks
eye mask (Kassie is an incredibly light sleeper)
1 moleskin notebook
wet wipes

I’m sure there will be things that we forgot— but it will be easy enough to find these things on the road. We probably over-packed but I think we did pretty good for first-time backpackers!

Did we miss anything essential? Anything that you think we could definitely cut out?
Let us know in the comments!