I absolutely fell in love with Ireland! The people, the music and the culture won over my heart as soon as I arrived. In my 10 days in the country I had some amazing adventures, including sampling some Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, hiking the Cliffs of Moher, exploring the Aran Islands and falling in love with Dublin.

The hardest part about preparing for my trip to Ireland was deciding what to pack. The weather can be completely unpredictable, especially in the off-season. I definitely forgot a few essentials and brought a few things I didn’t need.

So to help you learn from my mistakes, I put together this packing list for a trip to Ireland! If you are visiting during a different time of year, you may need to swap a few things out but this guide provides the basics.

The Ultimate Packing List for Ireland! | theflyawaylife.com
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Tops & Layers

When packing, I usually will pack tops in neutral colors like white or black so I can mix and match outfits throughout the trip with ease. To keep it from getting boring pack a statement necklace to add a pop of color!

  • Black T-shirt– Can’t go wrong with the basics! I swear by H&M’s t-shirts. I always pack a few every time I plan to travel long term.
  • White Scallop Shirt– A dressed up basic like this can go from sight seeing to a fancy dinner with the addition of some accessories!
  • Striped Long Sleeve– Good for layering and goes with everything!
  • Cardigan– This sweater will match with everything and is good to have in your bag in case it gets chilly.

Pants & Dresses

  • Leggings– These will be perfect for the flight over and for any hiking or walking activities.
  • Jeans– Good for mix and matching.
  • T-Shirt Dress– Easy and comfortable for a day of sight seeing. It’s easy to dress up or down.
  • Long Sleeve Dress– Perfect for dinner and drinks!


When creating a packing list for Ireland, a few good layers are essential! Here are a few coats to keep you warm. I always wear my bulkiest layer on the plane to save space in my luggage.

  • Simple Blazer– Good to wear over outfits to dress them up and add a layer of warmth.
  • Heavier Winter Coat– It can get cold any time of the year in Ireland so it’s important to have a coat that will keep you warm in the elements. This one also has a hood to cover from any rain.
  • Rain Coat– A Light raincoat is a necessity on any packing list for Ireland.


The Ultimate Packing List for Ireland! | theflyawaylife.com

Shoes & Boots

Because of Ireland’s rainy weather and amazing outdoor activities, it’s important to pick versatile but durable footwear.

  • A Good Pair of Sneakers– Ireland has so many amazing hiking and walking trails, a good pair of sneakers will make all exploring comfortable.
  • Packable Rain Boots– The rainy weather makes these a necessity! Plus, this pair is specifically made with travel in mind. They fold down to a packable size.
  • Sperrys– A perfect shoe for exploring Ireland’s cities, especially if the weather is damp.
  • A Cute Pair of Flats– Good to go out for dinner or drinks!


  • A warm pair of gloves and beanie– If you are visiting any time outside of the summer months it’s best to plan for a bit of chilly weather. These will keep you cosy during any misty and cold Ireland weather!
  • Umbrella– Ireland averages over 150 rainy days a year so it’s important to keep one of these on hand.
  • Sunglasses– A good pair with polarized sunnies will help you see the sights on sunny days.
  • Casual Cap– Good for looking chic right off a redeye flight or to keep your hair under control on super windy days!
  • Patterned Scarf– A scarf can help you accessorize a plain outfit and also add another layer incase it gets cold!


  • Large Tote– Perfect for lugging around your camera, some rain gear and anything else you need for the day!
  • Backpack– A backpack is the perfect carry-on and can hold all your items during a hike or in transit.
  • Small Crossbody– This is perfect for when you don’t want to carry a huge bag around.
  • Passport Cover– It’s important to keep your passport protected from the elements. This adorable cover will protect it from any spills or tears. Just don’t forget to take it out at immigration!

Carry-On Essentials

  • In-Flight Organizer– I love this organizer! Since everything I need for the flight is stored in this organizer, I don’t have to dig around in my carry-on every time I need something. It also fits perfectly in the seat pocket.
  • Eye-Mask– Perfect to catch some shut-eye on your redeye flight.
  • Battery Phone Case– More battery means you can take more pictures and videos of your travels. It also helps keep you entertained on a long flight.
  • Headphones– Noise canceling headphones are a traveler’s best friend.


Hope you enjoyed this packing list for Ireland!  Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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The Ultimate Packing List for Ireland! | theflyawaylife.com