Travel isn't always pretty. Here is the story of how my travel partner picked up a parasite on a tropical island and had to rush to the hospital.
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Paradise With A Side of Parasite

Sometimes as a travel blogger, I feel like I spend so much time showing you the beautiful side of travel. I set up my Instagram shots of stunning waterfalls and I tell you about amazing resorts on exotic islands, only showing the best of the best, so it all looks perfect. But the reality is that travel is messy and sometimes things go wrong.

So grab your beverage of choice, and hunker down because it’s story time, kids. Let me tell you the tale of how Joe & I encountered a parasite in Cambodia that would follow us around the rest of Asia.Continue reading

With it's crystal clear water, amazing food, vibrant nightlife and many activities, Koh Rong is the tropical paradise of Cambodia. Check out this guide for all the insider info!
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The Ultimate Guide to Koh Rong, Cambodia

During our travels through Cambodia, I had heard whispers of a paradise island in the south. After celebrating Christmas in the party town of Sihanoukville, Joe and I were ready for some relaxation on the beach, so we decided to check out this island we had heard so much about. That’s how we ended up spending a few days on the beautiful island paradise of Koh Rong.Continue reading